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Awsome interior shop in Rotterdam, Netherlands

1. mai 2017

This will be in english since I am referring to a wonderful Dutch interior shop I found In Rotterdam. I have been searching this city for cool interior shops for a while now, but never found any. Very strange that I could not find any, but realized that I needed to be more bold and brave in my search.

So I went off my path on Hooghstraat, and went into the wilderness. Ten meter into a side street and I found this gem. Just the most amazing interior shop ever. Beautiful furniture, slightly industrial style, combined with retro, kitch and modern. This place was like home, and I felt the urge to move right in. I loved the fact that they have an online webshop, and I will for sure visit it.

Take a look at some of the things this shop has to offer:



Alessi Design

4. februar 2014

Disse utrolig søte figurene står på ønskelisten min til jul i 2014. Design: Laura Polinoro for Alessi